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Stuff deserves a second chance, and 2nd & Charles is where it gets one. Or two. Maybe even three. 2nd & Charles is the intersection of new and pre-loved goods, where you can buy, sell, roam, treasure hunt and turn your we-cycled stuff into cash or store credit (ka-ching!).

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One person’s oldies are another one’s goodies. Turn what you don’t want into cold, hard cash or in store credit up 10 150% above the cash offer.
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Books, music and games have more lives than a cat. If you catch our drift (and get our joke), you’re one of us. Let’s keep the cycle going.
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DC Comics SuperGirl
10.25" Statue

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2nd & charles

The Last Temptation 20th Anniversary Edition

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1879 Dick Sands or The Boy Captain by Jules Verne


Fan to fan. Collector to collector. Gamer to gamer.
2nd & Charles is where communities come together to turn old stuff into new fun. By keeping gently used books, games, movies and more in circulation instead of the trash, we create less waste and save more cash. Together.